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Rachel is a great, talented agent who pays attention to all details. She prepares everything in advance so you don't have to worry about little or big things on the spot. She has some special skills, for instance, love letter, that will effectively walk the seller to your side. Amazing! And then she got the great experience and ethics, knowing the process in and out. She does the detailed research and competitive analysis, and take it to her heart so you can put your trust on her to get the best deal for you. I would 100% recommend Rachel to any of my friends or family to get your home-buying needs satisfied! 5-STAR, 2 thumbs up!

Mike X

Rachel worked tirelessly to sell our house in Millbrae. We were under a deadline as we were moving out of state. She gave great advice and had many contacts to help us in the projects that needed to be done on the house prior to selling. She is always optimistic and professional. We are very thankful she was on our side.

Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $950K in Millbrae, CA.


+ Two agents! More perspective, knowledge and experience
+ Very responsive, dedicated and accommodating
+ Valuable insight on cost of repairs and severity of issues noted in disclosure packs
+ Strong relationships and able to provide helpful information from selling agents
+ Fun, great senses of humor and skilled with small children

Review of Rachel Ni and Jay Doker:

My wife and I, first-time home-buyers, had been “window shopping” for roughly six months, but had hesitated to commit to an agent. We had exchanged contact info with a few agents and I found their auto-generated “properties you might be interested in” emails to be rather useless in the age of Redfin.

We met Rachel and Jay at an open house they were showing. Rachel didn’t do the awkward “I could work with you” thing that many agents do and we usually dismissed with a smile and a thank you. She asked us to set up a time to meet her and Jay at their office. She promised it would be informative and said there would be “no pressure” to work with them as agents. I was skeptical, but my wife and I figured we’d give it a try since we knew it was time to take this whole home-buying thing more seriously.

The meeting turned out great. Rachel and Jay spent over an hour answering our questions and providing real value-add advice and insight into the home buying process, including reviewing a standard contract and other materials. As we were flipping through some papers, we got to a page that we could sign to formalize the agent-buyer relationship – as promised they simply said, “here’s a page you can sign if you decide you want to work with us” and left it at that.

After that first meeting, Rachel and Jay suggested we set up an afternoon on the upcoming weekend to see some houses in different areas of the peninsula. We told them broadly what we were looking for (and which cities had been our focus). They took that input and used the afternoon to expand our view of what is available in the area, showing us a variety of styles and sizes of homes across our price range, and gauging our reactions to each. They took my generally negative observations and my wife’s more constructive comments about each home we visited in stride, and after that first weekend showed a real understanding of what we liked and our priorities. We decided after that afternoon that we wanted to work with Rachel and Jay — but we never did sign any agreement, and they never brought it up again.

Over the next month, or so, we found Rachel and Jay to be incredibly helpful. Often, my wife and I would spend time on weekends going to open houses by ourselves and then follow up with Rachel and Jay if we saw something that interested us. Then, we would typically meet to see the house together late on a weekday afternoon. Often, they’d come with suggestions for a few more houses to look at – including previewing ones that were still coming to the market or that might have opened since the weekend. Overall, it was a really efficient use of time and throughout the process Rachel and Jay were both super responsive and flexible to accommodate our schedule. And, they are hilarious – you just need a few minutes with them to appreciate their back-and-forth. Our baby was also super happy being held by either of them.

As we visited each home, Rachel and Jay were really helpful at a few things that we thought were critical: (i) they pointed out potential – whether it was disregarding a worn interior that could be repainted or the ability to tear down a wall in a cramped kitchen, it helped to level-set what might otherwise be a poorly-gauged reaction by someone like me that had spent less time looking at houses; (ii) while not putting themselves out as experts, they provided high-level thoughts on the cost to renovate or do repairs. This was really important to me as I tried to gauge both how much to bid as well as what kind of “project” we might be taking on at a given house; and (iii) similarly, they provided insight into the severity of issues we observed (e.g., a cracked wall) or read in disclosure packets, telling us when we might want to walk away from big issues.

When it came time to bid, my wife and I would come up with a range and Rachel and Jay would use their relationships to provide important last-minute intel on the number of bids, etc., which helped us decide how aggressive we wanted to be. Ultimately we won the second house we bid on – at a price we felt was reasonable and we are very happy with – largely thanks to the information and guidance from Rachel and Jay.

Rachel and Jay were amazingly dedicated and high-touch throughout the process – both came to meet us every time we got together – and their commitment did not end after our winning bid. They helped us keep on top of our loan agent and the title company through closing and have continued to provide referrals to contractors etc. as we’ve explored making some changes to the house.

We highly recommend Rachel and Jay!

Chris and Amy

Rachel saved me a lot of money!!! She has so much experience in the Bay Area real estate market that she can tell for how much a house will sell. In this area buying a house is like an auction: a buyer has to bid for the house against other bidders. Understanding this process is crucial in order to maximize the probability of winning the auction while minimize the probability of offering more money than what's needed. Mastering at this could save you hundreds of thousands, and Rachel is a master at it. I would use Rachel's services again, and again, and again. She has a lot of demand, but I hope she will have time for me if I ever buy/sell another house.

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $1.525M in Downtown, Belmont, CA.

Rachel is a very easy agent to work with. She knows what she is doing and expert in her trade. She is very responsive and can be reached anytime for questions. She patiently walked us through all the papers and highlight to us what we need to pay attention to. All done with a smile. She really go an extra mile to help us to sell our house at a price that we wanted in two weeks. She really surpassed our expectation.
We would definitely recommend her highly. By the way, we also bought a Condo through her. Keep it up Rachel. Job well done! Thanks for all your helps and advice.

Bought and sold a Condo home in 2016 in Daly City, CA.

If you want to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area, I strongly recommend Rachel. My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Rachel recently; she provided her expertise to help us successfully buy a house in a very competitive market (San Mateo). She is very professional, honest, diligent, and efficient.
Rachel is always very responsive to questions and concerns. She listens and understands needs and expectations more than anyone we’ve worked with before. She honestly shared with us her thoughts on the pros and cons of each house we visited.
Rachel is also very hardworking and diligent, she walked me through the disclosure documents to explain what those terms and issues are. She communicated and negotiated with the listing agent for us to get the house, even though our offer was not the highest offer price. She coordinated everything for us and the whole process went smooth as can be expected. We highly recommend Rachel Ni.

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $1.8M in San Mateo, CA.

Rachel helped my family find the perfect home! In the last half-year, she worked tirelessly and very patiently with us throughout the whole process. She was always friendly, giving us helpful advice. She was also very responsive to our numerous questions via text and e-mails. We really appreciate Rachel's excellent services and highly recommend her!

Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $1.875M in Baywood Knolls, San Mateo, CA.

Rachel has been a great agent. She walked us through the whole process and she was super patient with all our questions and doubts. She never pushed us for a house and helped us check multiple candidates, always pointing out the good and bad sides of each one. When we finally decided for one, she provided all the technical support needed to successfully close the operation: from a home inspector to a title company, all-included! and she would answer all our questions with a great turnaround time. We highly recommend her!

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $1.575M in Woodside, CA.

March 11, 2013
My fiance and I worked with Rachel to buy a house in South San Francisco. She's a joy to work with. Being a first-time homebuyer myself, I was nervous about most procedures and she was always there to answer any questions we had. She will even hook you up with any services you might need for the house. She also tried hard to accommodate my busy work schedule. I'd totally recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to buy a house.

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 in South San Francisco, CA.

I would absolutely recommend Rachel as an agent. She hustled to get everything done, answered questions, made helpful suggestions about the house and deal, and never seemed overwhelmed about meeting whatever request we made. The Peninsula real estate market requires more than a standard real estate agent and we were very happy that we had Rachel to help.

Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.275M in Burlingame, CA.

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